Thursday, November 24, 2016


This is the holiday season enjoy and have fun!  But while enjoying the season please be Aware that thieves come out and may be watching you.

When you shop always be Aware of:

  • where you park your car
  • have your keys ready before you get to your car
  • be attentive to who is around you
  • shop with friends if possible
  • if you plan to go back into the store and shop some more, put packages in your trunk out of site
  • if shopping at night park in a well lighted area as close to the store entrance as possible
  • locate your purse on your shoulder and as close to your body as possible
  • do not take large amounts of cash. use a credit card or a debit card
  • REMEMBER you can always shop online and have your purchase delivered many times for free. If no one will be home check with your job to find out if you can have them delivered there
  • Shopping Online can save you the aggravation of driving to the stores. No money to spend for gas to drive, no parking worries, no rude salespersons, no mobs!

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