Sunday, November 26, 2017


While many of us got some great deals at the stores.  Some of us ran into a rowdy crowd when the doors opened early at some stores. Some of us still have to go shopping. This time why don't we just sit on the sofa with our laptops and type in the product we want?  The product, the reviews are there. The description, the color. And you can get it shipped in plenty of time for Christmas. No need to go shopping! 
         Of course we will miss:

  • driving from store to store
  • paying for gas
  • looking for parking
  • heavy crowds
  • rude shoppers
  • rude sales people; and with the way the world covets we could miss the possibility of being
  • mugged.
          To some of us holidays just aren't holidays unless we have some kind of "pain". Something
          to talk about at work to make others feel sorry for us or so we can compare notes to see                        who endured the worse.

          The media leads the charge to "get out and shop" hoping you will, so they can cash in on                      another sensational story. This is done year after year. And even though technology improves              to allow us to shop safer and easily,  we ignore it for the pleasure of being told what to buy,                 when and where to buy it, and why it's important to get there on time and do it that way. Then             we are interviewed by that same news media about our  busted lip, torn shirt, snatched wig and           what gift we victoriously walked away with. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are gone.                 Now what?  What will you do?